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I'd love for you to meet the kindest, most generous woman that ever lived. Huge heart. Open door. Offered you food and a place to sleep whether you were in need or not. It was just a part of her. She did everything in her power to help everyone...EVERYTHING. "What's mine, is yours" was the motto of her life

Hard worker. You name it, she did it. Waitress. Hospital switchboard operator. Seamstress. Landlord. Caregiver. Volunteer. She even drove a school bus route through the Trinity Alps of northern California during the worst of winters. As a single-parent, she raised her only child with the skills and values to become an amazing, successful and loving man (yeh, that would be my Dad)

Unfortunately, as the decades went by, her generosity was taken advantage of greatly. This caused her to become misled, cheated and harmed by others. Whether it was a renter that was 'so sweet' when she originally interviewed them, the latest door salesman that 'seemed so honest', someone who knocked on her door asking for cash because 'they ran out of gas', or one of her biggest enemies...her own aged mind

This beautiful, huge-hearted woman I speak of is the person I affectionately call Grandma. She is WHY senior advocacy is so near and dear to my heart

My innate desire to protect Grandma from these things has fostered in me the need to help others as well

Here to Serve YOU

There are many ways in which I help seniors in our Chico community such as volunteer work and educational workshops. However, my fields of expertise are in the financial and insurance industries

As an Independent Agent I have the ability, knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solutions for your needs and budget but more importantly I have the desire, follow-through and assure you I will be by your side every step of the way

You eased my fears.


The First Step Is Getting to Know YOU

My first step in working with you is to get to know you, your goals, needs and where you see yourself in the future. It's not about products. It's about planning according to your needs and no two people are the same

Committed to excellence in the insurance industry since 1999

Let's Socialize

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